JBA Speakers

Every speaker from design to completion is made with care and attention to detail

Only branded speakers are used e.g Mission, Kenwood, Pioneer and JVC etc...this is to ensure high quality and powerful performance

Each box is hand crafted and measured to attain the correct box volume then we add tuned bass reflex ports to enhance bass response

Each speaker is filled with sound enhancing materials to further push the boundaries of big audio from relatively small enclosures.

We use real wood for its unique sound characteristics that plastics and other materials cannot achieve.

We use high quality class D amplifiers and Bluetooth 4.0 technology's as well as high quality lithium batteries, wiring and switch components

All Speakers are made with a dual power feature that enables great portability using internal batteries or when ultimate volume is required use the supplied power supply will maximise the speakers output

This results in a powerful speaker that surprises the listener with its sound volume, clarity and bass response